About Angie

Not actually from Kansas, Angie Meeker lives in Columbus, OH with her husband, Robert and girl, Nila. She has just entered her third decade, managing to escape her twenties without so much as a hint of a quarter life crisis. Only slightly more traveled than the average chick, she has lived in seven states stretching from coast to coast, and even a stint in northern Iraq.

Former occupations: Easter bunny, subway clerk, IRS data entry clerk, administrative assistant, boot-scooting steakhouse server, petition signature collector, and more recently, a youth pastor, and PR Director. For now, she is taking it easy and passing herself off as internet marketing coach and website designer.

Angie likes walking to the nearby parks and markets with her family, checking out the local library for books on nerdy topics, and playing peekaboo with Nila on the stairs. She is torn most days between Modern Family and the New Girl, but will give it all up for America’s Funniest Videos anyday. Angie dreams of having an entire wall filled with National Geographics, and wrote this entire blurb in third person herself.


4 thoughts on “About Angie

  1. Hmmm, never knew that about you wanting to collect National Geographics. Maybe I’ll do a search on Craigslist and see what I can find. That’s interesting. There are so many things that I’ve learned about you as an adult that is so different than when you were little. But you are still basically the same caring, loving, faithful person that you’ve always been.
    I didn’t know that you like studying decorating either. Garage sales and flea markets are the best place for that.

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