Best Meeker ‪#‎parentingfail‬ ever. Earlier today I filled up the downstairs tub with hot water and Tide with the intent to scrub it about an hour later (don’t judge me, it works). We had to leave to run an long errand, water still in the tub. I mentioned to Bob on the way to our errand that I hadn’t finished cleaning the filled-up Tide tub.

When we got home later in the evening, I immediately went to mow the grass. When I finished and came in, Bob was upstairs putting Nila to bed. I noticed that the water in the tub had been let out, and figured that Bob kindly cleaned the tub and so I took a quick shower in it. When I got out, he was done with Nila, and was sitting on the couch. I told him “Thanks! for cleaning the tub! That was awesome.”

Bob said, “Cleaning the tub? What do you mean? I gave Nila bath. I don’t when you filled up the tub, but yeah, I gave her bath.”
Me, “!!!! You gave Nila a BATH in that water?!”
Bob, “Yeah, you filled it up, right? It was warm and bubbly.”
Me, “NO! That was the Tide water I told you about earlier today!”

Have you ever done something like that with your kids?


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