One of my goals for this year is to find something to sell at our local farmer’s market(s). For me, this is driven by the desire to teach Nila that she can earn money by the products and services she produces (or helps produce, in this case). I don’t want to just throw money at her for doing chores because let’s face it, noone ever gets paid for doing their own chores. That’s just part of living in a home and being part of a family. I want her to learn now that producing and owning is better than the alternatives.

Last summer we sold sweet tea on the porch one day – collecting a whopping $7 in one hour. Because of that, she has wanted to sell tea at the farmer’s markets. Unfortunately, tea isn’t one of the “cottage industry” foods allows by the Ohio [whatever health department makes up these rules]. So we’ve started looking for other foods or things we can make to sell.

Tonight I stumbled upon what I think we’ll sell: homemade, natural cleaning products. Laundry soap, dish soap, fabric softener, dusting spray, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner… As best I can remember, our local farmer’s markets (at least the three closest to us) don’t sell these yet, and the profit margin would certainly be enough to make it worth our time.

What do you think? Would you buy natural, effective cleaning products for your home at your local farmer’s market? Are there any other home made treats or goods that your market is missing you secretly hope someone will bring this season?

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