Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul. (Walt Whitman)

In the time since I started this post, and restarted it, and started it again, I’ve used up 23% of my laptop battery. Let’s see if I can get something out of these keys tonight that makes sense. Bear with me, will ya?

Last fall, I connected with a man (superman, more like it) named Kevin Nations who in just a few minutes both shattered and began rebuilding my understanding of what it is that I do. The conversations were about selling a product versus selling the value the product produces. If you’re familiar with that shift in thinking, you know that it’s a big one. That was in mid-October, and going in to late November I was beginning to make some transitions in my business so that I could re-position myself to do that (offer the value produced instead of the product). Mostly that looked like moving back to what is I do BEST and what my clients say I do best – TEACHING the strategies and tools of internet marketing, rather than simply producing websites. You might remember or have gotten an email around that time about the Eight Hour Business Makeover <– the site is a little in the middle of a redesign as I prepare to relaunch it. I was so excited about it and was getting really amazing feedback and leads on the Makeover in ways I never thought possible. Of course, I was still taking on my usual clients into late November and December (actually had a just-full-enough book).

And if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know that in December my mom came to visit from Texas. She has a rare terminal disease called Stiff Person Syndrome. Her visit turned into a stay, the stay turned into a move, and now she has transitioned into an assisted living home here in Columbus. I am so happy about that – knowing that she has lots of people around her every day and we’re able to be near her at least once a week is just amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. But, it’s not been without its challenges. I’ve missed a lot of work since December, and I haven’t taken on any new clients in that time, either. Making sure Mom is taken care of is infinitely more important than work. Two weeks ago, Mom was admitted to the hospital, and a few days later we found out she had pneumonia. I stayed at the hospital with her most of the time because she was even less coherant than she usually is. I wouldn’t say she was close to death, but there were certainly moments where several doctors rushed with nurses to see what was happening and why her BP was so low,  asking, “Melena, Can you hear me!?” Now – she’s doing just fine and is recovering back at her new home. All is well.

My friend Dave wrote on his blog last year about perspective. He said, “Perspective is a weird thing. It gets warped easily based on events happening to you *right now*, and it’s all too easy to only dwell on the things right in front of your nose, thus distorting your perspective even more. (Dave Donaldson, Perspective,”

The truth is I’m exhausted. I can hardly think about taking on new clients right now, or starting a new project for someone else. I know I will have to, because bills have to be paid AND there are people who I can legitimately help with my skills but I don’t want to (today). What I WANT to do is FOCUS on those projects of MINE which I know will give me the freedom to live a life that will allow me spend my time as I’d like. With my family. With Bob. With Nila. Maybe homeschooling Nila.  With Mom. Making some new friends. In the garden. Getting in shape again. Learning some things. Teaching some thing and helping some people along the way.

If you had asked me last year at this time if I would consider a path that was different than just taking on client after client or growing a client-based business, I would probably have looked at you like you were crazy. But only because I didn’t KNOW a better way. I didn’t have the perspective that one little conversation provided me but I do now and I’m responsible to it.

Do you need some perspective? Tell us about it.




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