I mentioned when I talked about how I goofed up the recordings Module 1 of Membership Game Plan that I presented part of Module 2 at WordCamp Columbus last weekend. It is a basic introduction to setting up WordPress Multisite, which allows you to have multiple installations of WordPress under just ONE installation. A little Inception, right? The cool thing about Multisite is that it’s not a plugin or a theme, it’s already a part of your WordPress installation. Or, as I said in my presentation, and @jjj, the lead developer of BuddyPress IMMEDIATELY retweeted when he stopped snickering:

In my original post about creating a Membership Site Using WordPress, I briefly mention how using Multisite allows us to quickly give our members their own website on our network, complete with themes and plugins we control and can easily update. Multisite is one of the keys to expanding a Membership network, in my opinion. To that end, here are my slides from that presentation. To read actual documentation on how to activate WordPress Multisite, I still recommend grabbing Andrea Rennick’s How to Enable Multisite Ebook. You’ll also see in the original post and this presentation I mention the WP Replicator plugin, which they wrote. It’s a premium plugin that allows you to replicate any child site in your network (themes, plugins, content and all) with just a click of a mouse. You can get WP Replicator for 20% off here.


This was the second year I’ve organized WordCamp Columbus, and though I presented the Beginner’s Workshop last year, this was the first year I presented a session outside of the Beginner’s Track. I wouldn’t say I was NERVOUS because I’m used to speaking in front of large crowds, but having @jjj sitting right in front of me DID make a little nervous! I knew my talk was solid because it’s pretty basic Multsite stuff… but seriously! The lead developer of BBPress and BuddyPress!? Yowzer! Turns out he is super nice and I sure hope he comes again next year.
Hope you enjoy the slides!