In case you haven’t heard the news this week, Marissa Mayer is now heading up the show at Yahoo as the new CEO. I feel like I can relate a lot to Marissa. She’s 37. I’m 33. She is having a kid. I have one kid. She works with computers. I work on a computer. She was the former VP of Local and Maps at Google. I use Google, and Google maps, and I use them both locally. We’re practically best friends.

The truth is that while Marissa has been successfully doing what she does for over 13 years, I’ve only just begun. 13 years ago, I was a secretary at a church near Dayton, Ohio. Four years ago, I was just getting started with WordPress and diving into internet marketing. It’s amazing the things you can learn when you have to pay the rent.

Fast forward to today, and while my pal Marissa is off leaving one internet giant to run another, I’m sitting on the couch with giant glass of sweet tea and a brownie, trying to convince myself to finish the load of laundry I started two hours ago. Really, I’m sitting here figuring out my next move. My husband Robert is in northern Iraq for the next week, finishing up a month-long teaching stint. We’ve settled down from a train-derailment and massive explosion (NSFW) at the end of our street last week that caused Nila and I to evacuate in the middle of the night. And WordCamp Columbus 2012, which I organized, is over.

So what now?

Before heading into July, I redesigned (you might have noticed). I wasn’t just bored, though I do sometimes shuffle things around when I am. After a few years of designing websites for clients, I’ve come to realize that I more enjoy TEACHING WordPress and all the things I’ve learned in Internet Marketing, than doing those for individual clients. I’ve always been a “teach ’em to fish” kind of gal, and I think this site is my way of letting that out. Plus, with individual clients, there is so much I WANT to do for them, that I’m prone to giving away the bank, figuratively speaking, while at the same actually giving away so much of my time that I LITERALLY, give away the bank. I just can’t do everything myself, but neither do I want to build my own agency or oversee a fleet of outsourced workers. So what’s a girl to do? I can’t just stop working. This is my job now, and I love it, even as I figure out what parts of it I like best and that are the most profitable for my clients, my readers and myself.

So I redesigned with the intention to offer ongoing, regular online classes in each of the areas I know something about these days. Not just one-off classes either, but rather series of classes in each subject so users can grow their knowledge in a specific area, building on what they’ve learned. Lots of free classes, lots of paid classes.

Did I do it?

Well, not exactly. Not yet. I’m still planning the calendar of classes. One of the first tangible outcomes from that planning is a product I’m launching soon at I’ve had such a great response to my post about Building a Membership Site Using WordPress, I thought I’d package up a bunch of video tutorials and PDF’s showing how to build a membership site the way I’ve described in that post. It’s not available yet – I’m still working on Modules 2-4. I even tested some of the content for Module 3 (all about WordPress Multisite) at WordCamp Columbus and it was well received). But, I recorded the last three videos of Module 1 at a coffee house, and I’m just not happy with the amount of backround noise in those videos. I don’t want to use those videos in my final product, but they’re definitely viewable and understandable.

Having said that, if you would like to purchase what I have already recorded, I’m going to offer it to members here for $20. Once I’ve rerecorded them, they’ll be bundled into the entire course and you won’t be able to purchase them separately. If you’ve ever wondered how to set up your own membership site, get access to these eight videos now, at a discount. I’ll also give you access to my member’s forum so you can give me feedback on the videos and ask any questions you might have.

Module 1: Building Your Membership Foundation

  • How to set up your automated membership registration and billing
  • How to create different levels of membership
  • How to protect content and files for members’ eyes only
  • How to integrate your mailing list
  • and much, much more!

[s2Member-PayPal-Button sp=”1″ ids=”3270″ exp=”720″ desc=” – Membership Game Plan, Module 1, Audio Redux” ps=”paypal” lc=”” cc=”USD” dg=”0″ ns=”1″ custom=”” ra=”20.00″ image=”default” output=”button” /]

So, what have YOU been up to?

Other than that, I’ve been working on a small text marketing outreach to local pizza companies, a webinar marketplace for the affiliate industry, and of course, website designs at

What have you been working on lately? Is it going well? Any way I can help? Drop me a comment below and let me know how it’s going. Catch me up! Ok – gotta run. Marissa’s calling!*

*no she’s not


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