Everyone loves a contest. When you couple one with the popularity of texting, it offers the you, the business owner, a win-win situation. In the mobile marketing industry it’s called Text to Win, or Mobile Sweepstakes.

One of the most effective marketing techniques available to business owners today is Text Message Marketing – sending special offers instantly to every customer who has joined their mobile phone list. The only difficult part of this marketing method is getting your customers to give you their phone number in the first place.

To do this, you will have to have an offer they can’t refuse. The most common way is to tell them in printed material or by word of mouth that they will receive an enticing special offer of some kind immediately after joining. That could be a special discount or something free, coupled with the promise of more exclusive deals in the future.

With Text to Win, or Mobile Sweepstakes, however, you will increase the number of people who “opt in” just because a contest to win something big and more valuable than a discount will obviously have more appeal.

Benefits of a Text to Win or Mobile Marketing Sweepstakes:

  • Can Enter Contest Instantly
  • Provides A Head Start On Your Text Message Advertising Campaign
  • Everyone Who Enters Is Added To Your Database (for future offers)
  • Winner Is Picked Automatically When Contest Ends (special messages you create are sent to winner and losers)
  • Builds Loyalty
  • Builds Brand Awareness

How do you know this will work? Go to Google and search images for Text to Win or Mobile Sweepstakes, and you will see hundreds of pictures of the ads that major companies you’re familiar with have used to build their customer lists – Coke, Hershey, Subway, Toyota, Heineken, and Kenny Chesney.

Once you build your list of loyal customers, you will soon discover what is meant by the saying, “The money is in the list”. By crafting valuable offers, you can literally bring in cash by pushing a button!

  • Musicians can give away a backstage pass for their next concert
  • Restaurants can pick one lucky winner to get a free meal every week for a year
  • Retail stores can give away a gift certificate
  • Charity gives an iPod to one lucky donor
  • Dentist draws for Free Teeth Cleanings for a year

You get the idea. You just have to put your imagination to work, and it should be easy to fit a Text 2 Win campaign, or a Mobile Sweepstakes contest into your marketing plans. Now you can see why this is truly a Win-Win situation for your business.

One final note. Since this is a Sweepstakes, it may require registration at a state level in the US. Please consult a knowledgeable attorney before creating and promoting your mobile sweepstakes or Text to Win contest.

If you would like to get started with mobile marketing and a Text to Win contest, we recommend using the ProTexting Mobile Marketing to set up your campaigns (or to set them up for other businesses).