Defining a few goals is an important part of an email marketing plan. Goals give you a way to assess whether your marketing efforts are successful or not. Goals will vary—you might want to increase subscribers for the first year or focus on increasing click-rates. Eventually you may want to set your goals around increasing online sales or repeat sales.

You probably won’t see dramatic results right away. First you need to develop a loyal subscriber base and get more and more people signing up for your newsletter. Then you’ll see the benefits start rolling in. In order to build this loyalty and demand, you have to produce a quality newsletter and promote it in all your marketing materials and social sites like Facebook, and Twitter.

Brainstorm what you hope to get out of your email marketing over the next six months or so. Then write down three things:

  1. Your goal
  2. How you’ll achieve your goal
  3. How you’ll measure your goal

MMP’s goals:

Increase list size by 20% over the next year
Achieve goal by marketing the newsletter at all industry events and conferences and making newsletter signup form available at events and on website, social sites, etc.
Measure success by looking at increase in list size using tracking and reporting

Just Bulbs’ goals:

Increase online sales via the email newsletter by 20% over the next six months
Achieve goal by offering readers incentives for buying online, like exclusive subscriber sales and offers
Use Google Analytics and Analytics360 to measure online sales via the newsletter