The frequency with which you implement your email marketing campaign is important to its success. Too little and they’ll forget about you. Too much and you’re annoying!

Sit down with your calendar—personal and business—and think about what frequency makes sense for your audience and your content. We recommend that you email your list at least monthly, but don’t feel the need to commit to that immediately. Feel free to skip a month if you don’t have anything truly useful to say.

Determining the Frequency of Your Email Marketing Campaign

You probably don’t want to go more than a couple months without contacting your subscribers, because they may forget that they opted-in to receive emails from you and might report you as a spammer. You don’t want to send too frequently either, or subscribers will feel overloaded with emails and may unsubscribe or, worse, report you as a spammer.

Within those guidelines, your specific product or service and the content of your email campaigns can guide frequency and timing. If you’re sending info on sales and discounts and you discount items every Sunday, you probably want to send an email every Friday giving your subscribers a sneak peek at the specials. If you are doing a more general e-newsletter that discusses news and special events, then a monthly newsletter might be a better fit. If you’re showcasing new products that come in every two weeks, your readers will want to know right away, so you should email them every two weeks.

Let’s look at our example case studies from our previous posts in this series:

MMP will begin with monthly email campaigns. They want to be sure each newsletter is full of highly useful information for their industry, so they’d rather send less frequently and have more to say.

Just Bulbs will send weekly email campaigns. They want to stay top-of-mind with their consumers, so they’ll send a weekly campaign with bulb tips, bulb specials, bulb news, bulb reviews and Just Bulbs news (like how green they are).

What do you think is the right schedule for your new campaign?