I said I would tell you after I’d been using Pop Up Domination for awhile if it was working for me or not. Now that I’ve been using it  for about a month and a half, I feel like I have some quality time in and am ready to show you my stats.

Here at MyNameIsAngie.com, I’ve ALWAYS offered a free video course teaching the basics of WordPress. The opt-in for it has ALWAYS been in the upper right sidebar and has always included basically what it does now. And, I’ve always had very minimal success with gaining subscribers. Go figure. I mean, who needs a free 8-video course to learn how to do what some pay a designer hundreds or even thousands to do for them? Anyway…

You should also know that I don’t get thousands of visitors a month. Mostly because I don’t usually DO the things for myself that I teach OTHER people to do which would drive traffic here! Not enough time in the day to teach, design, mother and wife (read: poor time management)! So when you see the opt-in numbers below, they might not look impressive to you. Look beyond the actual numbers, and simply compare the before and after opt-ins.

I installed PopUp Domination on May 19. In the 53 days PRIOR to installing it, I had 2 subscribers. In the 53 days since installing PopUp Domination, I’ve had 37 optins for my free video course. That’s an increase of 1,750%.

I don’t know what else to say. I changed the design of the site a few times, but the new design has actually worked against the other stats of the site (retention, pageviews, bounce, etc…). There is no other explanation except for the in-your-face popup opt-in! I have about a 5.67% opt-in rate right now, with very little effort to either drive traffic to my site or to get what traffic does come to opt-in. I can’t imagine how this little plugin would help turn my visitors into subscribers if I was actually TRYING. What would YOU do with a 1750% increase in subscribers this month?

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