So many people come to after having searched for “ideas for pillar content.” I have already written about pillar content before, but here are 10 more ideas for posts you can start, and finish, even today. No excuses for not creating fresh, relevant content for you site!

  1. Write a post by examining the pros and cons of an issue.
  2. Write a tutorial.
  3. Email a person who is well-known in your industry and ask them a few questions.
  4. Do a post that answers your readers’ or customer’s common questions.
  5. Post about current events in your niche. They don’t even have to be local events. If you’re a golf instructor and the Master’s is happening in Augusta, write up some of your thoughts about the best shots of the weekend. It will show your readers that you’re engaged in your industry and what’s important to them.
  6. Invite your readers to submit articles.
  7. Review your statistics to see what keywords referred your visitors to your site and write a post about those topics. Even three or four referrals from a particular keyword show that your readers are interested in that topic.
  8. Debunk a myth in your post. Every industry has some time-honored traditions or myths that just don’t work or aren’t true anymore. Tell us about them.
  9. Compare something. If you’re a gardener, write about using organic vs. non-organic fertilizers.
  10. Designate each day of the week as a theme day where you will always post about a particular topic on that day.

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