Your responses to my quick survey in March were so helpful! I asked you what you wanted to learn about here at My Name Is Angie, and you let me know! One of the most requested topics was WordPress themes, and where to get good ones. I want to show you the two places where I get ALL of my themes for my projects these days. Obviously, you can get free themes from the WordPress theme repository by searching for them within your WordPress installation (go to Appearance>Themes and you’ll see the option to search). There are great themes in the repository, and you should know that that you don’t HAVE to purchase a premium theme to find a good one. But, if you want to see what’s out there in the way of premium themes, here’s where I get mine:

1. StudioPress. StudioPress uses a theme called Genesis to power almost all of their other themes. To use most of their themes, you have to install Genesis first (but not activate it), and then install the theme you want to use (called a child theme). The child theme gets its inner workings from Genesis, but gets its unique design from its own theme files. Kind of like how a child gets its DNA from its parents, but that DNA works itself out a little different from child to child in a family. The Genesis theme itself is pretty powerful and I’ve used it on several sites. The best thing about StudioPress themes is their support. It is A++++. I have NEVER seen a product with such great support. In fact, when possible anymore, I start with a StudioPress theme and make modifications to it.
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

2. ThemeForest. Themeforest is a collection of themes for various platforms, not just WordPress themes… but you can search just for WordPress themes. ThemeForest is a theme marketplace, meaning many different theme authors sell their themes there. This is nice because it offers a great variety of themes. The theme this site currently uses is called Magzimus, and I got it at Themeforest. I suggest reading through a theme’s Comments before you purchase a theme through ThemeForest, and look to see how the theme author responds to questions and requests for assistance. There are some truly creative themes at ThemeForest that make great use of what WordPress is capable of, and you just won’t find those themes anywhere else.

What theme are you using for your site now? What do you like about it? Not like? Can we take a peek? Do you need a recommendation for a theme to use for a particular project – tell us about in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Where I Get My Themes

  1. Hi Angie, I started using weaver2010 last year and now use it on all my sites, along with my client’s sites.

    It offers so much functionality like you would see in a premium theme but it’s free. And they have a very good support forum.

    I tried a paid theme from Ithemes and had a lot of trouble with it and got little help in their forums. Pretty sad to me that the free them maker is better at managing users.

  2. There are definitely some free theme authors out there who provide service equal to or better than that of premium theme authors, for sure! I think that a lot of WordPress users think they HAVE to purchase a premium theme in order to get a quality theme, and like you’ve found out, it’s just not true. I’m working on a post detailing the free themes I like best. Are there any others you’d recommend?

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