I haven’t completed my series on my favorite plugins because I have caught a terrible cold and am barely squeaking out a sentence; I’ve got some strange sort of laryngitis along with the cold itself! A voice like that doesn’t make for good screencasting! I really will finish it, though! Special thanks to everyone who completed my survey last week  – and if you haven’t yet, you can do so here. It’s only four questions, it won’t take very long. And remember, if you have any specific questions, head over the forum and ask.

I want to be sure you know about a WordPress conference happening in Columbus, Ohio, June 17-19, WordCamp. If the point of WordPress is to provide a powerful, flexible, scalable and easy to learn website tool that anyone can access for free…the point of WordCamp is to celebrate this open tool by teaching people how to use WordPress, how to bend it to their will, and even how to leverage it as a business- and to do it all for about the price of lunch for two.

WordCamp is organized and run by unpaid volunteers, underwritten by sponsors, and profit free. Any remaining funds from sponsorships are donated to local charities. Volunteers in any city can create a WordCamp to benefit their community and at WordCamp Columbus 2011, that’s exactly what we’ve done. WordCamp Columbus was launched in 2009 and organized by Alvin Borromeo and Jason Blanton. In 2010, WordCamp Columbus merged with PodCamp Ohio. In 2011, WordCamp Columbus will again be its own event, and is being organized byyours truly, Angie Meeker. Who should attend Wordcamp?

Individuals who would like a website or blog

You don’t know any html or css, but you know you’d like to be able to have a website and maintain it yourself. On Friday, June 17 at SparkSpace in the Arena District, we will host an entire workshop for beginners, businesses and non-profits on how to start using WordPress. You will leave this workshop with EVERYTHING you need to use WordPress.


You’d like a stable, secure platform for your business site. You may need the assistance of a developer or designer in the future and would like access to ones from the WordPress community. There will tons of WordPress developers, both intermediate and advanced…so whatever you need to accomplish with your website, there will be someone there who can do it.

WordPress Users

You have a WordPress site or blog, and would like to learn more about how to use it, promote it, extend it, hack it or design it.

Web developers

You can program, but want to integrate WordPress into your services. Or you actively develop with WordPress and want to get the latest intel on dev tips and tricks.

Get your tickets to WordCamp Columbus here, and learn about other WordCamps across the country..

Last but absolutely not least, would you consider donating to the Red Cross for the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami? I can’t even get my mind around what has happened and IS happening there…but I know that every little bit helps the Red Cross do what they do best.