Plugins are add-ons to your WordPress website that extend the functionality of your site. If your WordPress website were a car, they would be the heated seats and sunroof. Your car will function perfectly fine without the use of plugins, but some are EXTREMELY useful, and some are just plain cool.

This is the start of a series on the plugins I suggest and use myself. Starting with one a day for the next week, I will show you some of my favorite plugins and how to use them. Plugins, like themes for your site, come in two versions: free and premium. They both work fine, but sometimes the premium ones will come with additional or more attentive support (and lots of times, the free plugins have support that’s just as good as the premium ones! Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only premium themes and plugins are worth anything – it’s not true)!

I want to start by showing you how to install, activate, deactivate and delete a plugin. It’s important to know how to do this because whenever you upgrade your WordPress installation, you should deactivate your plugins first – then reactivate them once you’ve upgraded. So without further adieu, here’s a quick video on how to install plugins (PS – please forgive the abrubt ending! I ran out of time – rest assured I had said everything I needed to say)!

Free Plugins

Premium Plugins

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress


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