[quote author=”- Andy Stanley”]A vision is a picture of what could be and should be fueled by the conviction that it will be.[/quote]

My Name Is Angie, too, only 70 pounds lighter!

I am taking a risk and sharing with you a vision I have for my own life, and a concrete step I’m taking towards achieving it. Will you do the same and let me know what is keeping you from accomplishing your goals online? What’s stopping you from building your website? From creating new content for your site? Whatever it is that’s keeping you from accomplishing that vision you once had for your business or hobby online, would you either reply in the comments, on the forum, or by email and let me know what they are?

I want to help!

Also, if you’d like to check out the Couch to 5K interval training yourself, you can download the mp3’s I’m using here.