I have to be honest: I’m not a football fan. My big brother played football from the time he was a toddler through high school (his first toy box looked like a huge football and was as big as we were). I used to step on his football cards spread throughout the living room as he organized them, and more than once stubbed my toe on his helmet. I was a cheerleader in middle school and in band in high school, so I’ve sat through more than my fair share of football.

I’ve heard the Super Bowl is this weekend. I don’t know who is playing though. Green Bay vs. Pittsburg? Is that right? Did you know that tickets are selling for $1800 a piece at this point? I could think of a lot of OTHER things to do with $1800. Why do people pay so much to go watch what is, in essence, the same thing they can see any Friday night this September? It’s just a football game, for goodness sake.

I’ll tell you why. PERCEIVED VALUE, that’s why.

In reality, the Super Bowl IS “just” a football game. The rules are the same. They still play with the same number of players and same positions. It’s still just a pigskin they’re playing with. But everything about the Super Bowl says that the BEST of EVERYTHING will be there. The best players. The best coaches. The best owners. The best halftime music. The best advertising. The best fans. The BEST shows up at the Super Bowl, and so everyone goes nuts for “just” a football game.

I don’t know who you are or what you do. You might be a chiropractor or a school teacher. Maybe you’re an internet marketer or a oil salesman. How do other people PERCEIVE your value? What are you doing to show them that what you have to offer is more valuable than other people who are playing the exact same game you are?

This is one of the reasons blogging is so important for what you and I do. What sets your chiropractic office apart from the one three streets away? You accept the same insurance. You offer the same services. You have the same degrees. What is going to convince someone to come to you? Their PERCEIVED value of you and what you do.

When you blog about topics that are relevant to your field, you’re showing other people, “Hey, I am the expert here. I am the BEST in this game. I know what your problems are and I know how to solve them. I’m looking out for YOU, and here’s how.”

A client of mine started video blogging this week for the first time. She sells insurance. Her first video was about an increase in home break-ins in her area and some quick tips on how to prevent them. Her second was about a telephone scammer trying to steal identity information from the elderly in her community. In two videos, she’s already done more than 95% of the agents in her area to show her customers that she is the BEST at what she does and that she has their back. I hear she’s working on a third demonstrating how to break up an ice dam (whatever that is)!

Maybe you’ve been putting off blogging because you don’t know what to blog about. Here are some ideas. Maybe you don’t even have a website yet. Get one here. If you have questions about what to blog about or how, head over to the forums and ask them. Whatever’s stopping you from bringing your A-game this week, let’s get past it. You have a game to win, too.