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Updated: I did finally purchase the PopUp Domination plugin, and as I expected, it’s pretty great. So many of my readers said in a recent survey that they didn’t know I offered a free video course on how to use WordPress, so I knew I needed to make it more prominent on my site. I will report back soon on if it helps.

Internet Marketers have been going nuts about two things the past two weeks: Kajabi and PopUp Domination. The first is a complete online marketing technology toolset that sells for over $1000 a year, and the second is a plugin that pops-up to entice site visitors to complete a specific call to action (subscribe, share, purchase…) that is just under $80 (paid once).

Well, being the poor working family we are, we don’t have or want to spend almost $80 on a plugin to capture subscribers, even if it does promise to capture double or triple what we get now (no small deal, mind you). It’s just not in our budget right now.

So, I started looking around the WordPress Plugin Respository for a similar plugin. What I found was the popup you saw when you first visited my site today: WP Super PopUp. I thought I’d share it with you since I’m probably not the only one out there who can’t go out and buy every lovely plugin that’s released, no matter how beneficial it might be.

Let me start by saying that I’ve had the WP Super PopUp installed for less than a week and have more than DOUBLED my opt-in rate. SO…PopUp Domination’s claims to double or triple your leads with their plugin are probably true (in that most un-scientific study I just conducted).

Let me give you a quick tour of the plugin
(WP Super PopUp) itself:

1. Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you can choose whether you want it to be enabled or disabled at any time (even with it activated).

2. You will be asked when you want the popup to show:

  • Show the popup on all the pages…
  • Don’t show the popup for the following paths…
  • Show the popup only for the following paths…

If you only want the popup to show on your home page, then put a “/” without the quotes in the box below that last choice.

3. You can choose how often you want the popup to show – every so many days or every so many visits.

4. You have three choices for how to enter the content of your popup.

  • Embed another page by pasting in a URL.
  • Write something with the Visual Editor
  • Paste in HTML.

I personally used the third option and pasted in some HTML because I wanted to use my own graphic along with some code for my Mail Chimp subscription form. I could have just as easily used the first and linked to my existing Mail Chimp subscription page… but it doesn’t contain the exact graphic I wanted.

5. Then you can wrap up a few minor details like how opaque the background is when your popup is showing, the width and height of your popup, how quickly it fades in and how long after someone lands on your page does it fade in, and then what happens to it when someone clicks on the background of the site (best option – have it close).

So that’s it. It’s pretty simple. I like it and will continue to use it over the next few months until we’re able to get PopUp Domination. I’ve watched their promo videos and I personally know people who are using it…there’s a reason some plugins are premium – they just work (not just in end result/subscribers… but in the ease of use). WP SuperPopUp works just like it says it does, but I’m not a CSS genius and so I haven’t yet been able to get my Mail Chimp form looking just the way I want it yet.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for free, or just want to see if a popup registration works for you (it will), then I’m recommending WP Super PopUp. If you’re ready to make an investment or want a simpler, more powerful plugin, then check out PopUp Domination.


2 thoughts on “Pop Up Domination Review (and alternative)

  1. Great review. From my research I’ve found that Popup Domination’s market pitch over WP Super Popup is that it provides templates and the ability to specifically code which pages it will be used on. If we were to use either one of these with Aweber, which provides way more templates than Popup Domination, wouldn’t we just be better off using WP Super Popup?

  2. Thanks for the excellent share. I am in the same boat as you: don’t want to spend 80 dollars on a plugin.
    I have been researching a Pop Up Domination alternative for a while, and this looks great! Thanks for the share, and good luck with your opt-ins!

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