If you’re attending this year’s Affiliate Summit East, then you’re no doubt looking forward to Jim Kukral’s keynote wrapping it up on Tuesday night. You probably even read Jim’s article above in Issue 10 of FeedFront magazine (pg. 12). Jim manages a successful Web business consulting firm (http://www.thebizwebcoach.com) where he helps businesses find ways to skyrocket their sales, leads and publicity through the power of online marketing (at least, that’s what the press release says). I had the pleasure of hearing Jim speak last year at WordCamp Columbus where he reminded me that “YouKnowAlotAboutWhatYouKnowAlotAbout.” I’m not going to sit at a WordPress genius bar anytime soon, but I know more than most when it comes to piecing together a WordPress website, and that makes me pretty useful to non-profits, small business owners, and online marketers like Jim. I left WordCamp encouraged to go be all I could be, and have had a pretty good year because of it.

Jim has a new book coming out this August. Attention! This Book Will Make You Money: How to Use Attention-Getting Online Marketing to Increase Your Revenue will be released shortly before the the Affiliate Summit. (Yes, those are affiliate links-go preorder your copy so you have it before the Summit). But what good is a kick-arse book without a kick-arse website to go with it?


We created a site for Jim which gives his attention getting ideas a platform for making you money. He’s giving away some pretty great ideas and goodies already, including a copy of Linchpin. If you haven’t been there yet, pack up your attention and go there now!

PS. If your site needs a refresher, or you’re ready for a new site altogether, mention that you got our attention through Jim and get a $50 discount!