Themes create the look and feel of your WordPress site. Colors, arrangements, fonts – these are all created by installing different themes. Your site comes with two default themes, but there are literally thousands of FREE themes to choose from. The Appearance>Themes tab shows you the themes which are installed on your site at any given time. There are also “premium” themes you can purchase which usually cost between $30 and $150. In the video below, you’ll see how to install a FREE theme from the WordPress theme repository. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that the FREE themes aren’t great, or that in order to have a great site you simply MUST buy a premium theme. It’s just not true.

If you WOULD like to look at some PREMIUM themes (that you have to purchase), here are a few publishers for which I am an affiliate (which means that I would USE these themes myself, and in the case of Press75, I have used their themes on several sites!)

Mod Themes Premium WordPress Themes