This is an overview of the Posts tab on your WordPress dashboard.

  1. Edit> Allows you to edit your existing posts.
  2. Add New> Allows you to add a new post.
  3. Post Tags> Tags are one or two word descriptions of what the content of your post is about. For example, if I wrote a post about my participation in a Walk for the Cure, I might tag that post with “breast cancer, charity”. You can add tags to your posts as you’re writing them, or you can add an entire list of tags here and choose from them when writing a post.
  4. Categories> Categories allow you to organize your posts into logical groups. Using the example above, I might put that post into an “Events” category. You add your categories here, or as you’re writing a post. It is VERY GOOD to organize your posts into several different categories to help your visitors more easily navigate your content. Also, you can have categories AND subcategories.