WordPress dashboard: Links

770px-managelinksWho doesn’t love a little link love now and again? Sharing the links of other sites which may be of interest to your readers is a great way to keep them interested in coming back to your site. It’s also a good way to get other site owners to take a look at your site and do the same. You can display all the links you create on the side of your site, or even on their own page.

  1. Edit> This allows you to edit all of the existing links you’ve created.
  2. Add New> Adds new links.
  3. Link Categories> You can create categories of links, and here’s where you do that. For example, you might create a category of Breast Cancer Research, and link to sites about the latest breast cancer news. Maybe another category For Survivors, which includes links to sites offering wigs, prosthetics, clothing, etc… You don’t HAVE to create categories, but you can.