“We need a website.” That phrase alone has paralyzed more entrepreneurs than you can imagine. The same bright minds who create and run their own businesses can’t quite wrap their heads around the content they will put on their websites, and so rather than at least trying, they do nothing. After all, they can still be found in the phone book, right?

No matter that most families haven’t used a phone book in years. In fact, we throw ours away to save space. The reality is that any basic information such as can be found in the phone book can be just as easily found with a quick google search or a call to 411 (or, GOOG-411, Google’s version of “information.”)

I’m going to tell you how to overcome that gripping fear and move forward with your presence on the internet.


Assuming that you have purchased hosting and installed WordPress, here are the only four pages you should have your website in order to say to someone, “Why yes! I DO have a website, and you should check it out.” After you have created these four pages, everything else is a bonus.

  1. About Us: Who are you? What makes you different from your competition? How did you get started in your business? Be personable here, and remember that you’re both introducing yourself and also selling yourself! People don’t buy from companies, they buy from the people that serve them at a company. This isn’t the place to shellac your hair and shine up your shoes for your best Dale Carnegie pitch. Write like you’re talking to a real person, because your readers ARE real people.
  2. Who We Are: Who are the major players at your company? List their names, areas of expertise or management, and an email address or phone number for each. This is so people know who to go to directly with their questions. If you have a group photo or individual photos of each team member you can include, even better.
  3. What We Do: What do you offer? Products? Services? Consulting? It can be as simple as listing the top five products or services you provide, along with a brief description of each.
  4. Contact Us: Address, Phone, Email, Fax, Directions from the north, east, south and west to your place. Don’t give people a reason NOT to get in touch by neglecting to add one of these important contact methods on your contact page.

It’s that simple. You can even start right now – grab a pen and paper, or open up a document on your computer and bang out the text for these pages now. You have to START SOMEWHERE, and while you might have grand plans for your website in your mind, getting these four pages up will get you over the same hump you’ve been stuck on for ages.

So go start already!