So often when I talk with clients about to setup a new website, they are confused about what it takes to start. It doesn’t have to be so complicated.

A website…is like your house.

Like a house, your website needs land to sit on. This “land” is called hosting. A host gives you the space on the internet to store the files that will be your website. Your space and files are stored on that company’s server (a heavy duty computer). Most often, a host will also sell you a domain, too. We recommend Host Gator Hosting Plans!.

Your domain ( is like your street address. It tells people where to find your house.

Your website IS your house. It’s where you invite your friends to come visit. And like an inviting house, a good website will encourage your guests to stay a while and talk.

And of course, your mailbox. Email is like your mailbox. Your email should match your domain, just like your mailing address matches your street address. is better than using


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