Karate Girl

So tired. I want to write this post completely, but it’s 1:35AM! Hopefully I’ll get around to editing it tomorrow sometime, because I’m sure it is going to come off not nearly as exciting as it was.

Nila has watched an episode of Sesame Street recently where Murray and his little Spanish lamb visit a Karate studio. Nila then, has been walking around the house saying, “Karate Girl! Huh! Huh!” and throwing karate punches and kicks. I had told Bob several times that we should take her to this karate studio on Fifth Avenue so she could watch the kids practice. Tonight we were driving home (way past Nila’s bedtime, mind you), and I said, “Let’s stop by the studio and let Nila watch.” So we did – we stopped and peered through the all-glass front of the building as five or six adults inside practiced.

Then they motioned for us to come in! So we did! And Nila loved it! I asked her, “Where are you Nila?” and she said, “Karate studio!” She ran alongside the mat, showing off her numbchucking skills, and picked up a few new ones, too. Then the instructor came over and gave Nila her own karate headband (think Karate Kid). She didn’t seem excited about a headband, but when we tied it around her waist like a little white belt, she did. She continued on watching and practicing with the grown ups, until the instructor came back… and gave her a frisbee with their logo on it. She liked that, too.

Good times at the karate studio with the karate girl. We stayed for about 10 minutes – which was just enough time for some guy who was there videotaping the class to also video Nila’s bad-ass moves. Realizing it was now WAY past her bedtime (seriously – it was 8:30 – she goes to bed at 7), we bowed and said our thanks and good byes, and headed home.


2 thoughts on “Karate Girl

  1. That’s my Nila. She’s going to ready to kick some butt when she grows up! Bob, you won’t have to worry about boys around Nila, she’ll be able to handle them on her own. Did you guys by chance inquire as to how much lessons were for kids in her age group? I can just visualize this taking place in my mind, Nila doing kicks and punches. I wish that they would let you have a copy of the video they made. Oh, that’s just too cool. Go Nila!

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