Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there (Will Rogers)

Deep breath.

I don’t feel much like going into detail, and I probably shouldn’t anyway, but for sometime now I’ve been giving hints all over that Bob and I were on the brink of a large website deal. We still are. They are at the point now of talking about test markets in x number of cities. If those work out well (and they will, it’s a no-brainer), Bob and I could easily be the wealthiest people we know in a short matter of time after that.

Even as I say that, and even as Bob and I talked about it this evening, a part of me doesn’t think it will happen. Bob even said that he couldn’t talk about it anymore, because he can’t hope for it anymore.To be truthful, it has been a hard two years, and the idea that we could catch a break soon IS almost too much to hope for.

The small details: I have to make this deal happen. I mean, I have to present what we’re doing well enough to make it make sense to this organization. It’s so NOT going to just come to us. Number two, I really believe at this point that we have to BELIEVE and in some ways, speak it to happening. We have to be patient without giving up hope – and a lot of that simply involves speaking of those things which are not as though they were. If we let ourselves get into a place where “this deal is never going to happen,” or “we just can’t do this,” I know that it, in fact, won’t happen.

I guess I’m writing today to encourage to hope with us, and to hope for your own things, too. If you’re not with us, you’re against us. But if you’re not with yourself, you’re against yourself, too. Good things are coming.


One thought on “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there (Will Rogers)

  1. Okay, you mentioned the key word….. “Presentation”.
    A presentation is nothing more than public speaking which means you go back to “Public speaking 101” and review all of your notes. Organize your thoughts. Get them in order. Opening, Body, Summary, Closing. You are past the point of KNOWING you can do the job AND they WANT you to do the job, now all you have to do is give a speech. Which you’ve done a thousand times about 50 million different subjects. You know the basics of practicing in front of a mirror when you are giving a speech or presentation. Just do what comes natually to you, Angie and you too Bob. Just think Bob, you could give this presentation in several langauages if they wanted it that way!
    This is the easy part for you guys, you’ve laid the ground work, and put all of your time, money and effort into it, and they WANT you to do it!
    The hard part is when you get it and you actually have to REALLY start working then. HaHa. You’ll wish for the good ole days of only 15 hr work days then.
    PS….Don’t forget to get up off of the rails when the train comes and remember not to be at the bus stop instead. LOL.
    Love, Mom

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