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I haven’t written much about what is happening at Not In Kansas. Probably because we’re a little sketchy about HOW it’s all going to happen, but I KNOW that it’s going to. A while ago I wrote a small series called “Defining Moments.” You might remember it as some of you participated. I never said at the time what my defining moment was. I still am not sure that I will be able to put it all into words, so I’m not going to try just yet. But the end of that realization was that I needed to try to kick start my website design business.

I had a MOMENT (literally, a moment), where I felt as though strengthening the website design business that  had sustained us over the past year was simply what I was supposed to do. I’m by no means a design or coding genius. But, if you follow Not In Kansas, you know that I don’t have to be because I use WordPress. When we first got back from Iraq, we 1) had a terrible time making ends meet and finding real jobs and then 2) once we did find them, we didn’t like them. As you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to compete with Iraq. So, I worked at an insurance office and Bob is still working a contract position helping to flip the computer systems of the Chase/WAMU merge. It wasn’t long after my defining moment though, that Bob and I talked (a lot) and decided that I could quit my day job in order to focus on the company.

Since then, we have had confirmation after confirmation that this was the right decision. The business is not yet sustaining us, but if all goes well, after the national Crime Stoppers conference/cruise in August, it will be. And well. Through a previously unknown-to-me LinkedIn connection, we have the opportunity to partner with a national Crime Stoppers board member, and his partner (one of the six presenters at the conference,) and present our websites to the entire organization at the conference. We went from thinking we might be able to offer a WordPress site to Ohio affiliates to now having the opportunity to reach ALL of the Crime Stoppers. It is an amazing opportunity.

And, it’s not just an amazing opportunity for US. In regards to Crime Stoppers in particular, I really feel as though we have the BEST site to offer the organization. Initially, we were going to offer individual affiliates their own sites using separate WordPress installations. WordPress is the best option for theses affiliates because it is so easy to manage, and the sites are so easy to update or expand. NOW, we are going to offer the national organization a WPMU site, and allow each of their affiliate to gain a micro-site from that installation. This is THE way to implement organization wide sponsors, advertisers and revenue bases, in my opinion. Also, since a site created with WordPress is designed out of the box to have a good standing with the search engines, the BENEFIT to the visibility of the Crime Stoppers program could be IMMEDIATELY and EXPONENTIALLY increased.

Robert and I are literally building our lives for the next few years around WordPress. I am hoping to build my buisiness by focusing on non-profit associations.

If you’d like to read all of the details of the contest, you can here. Here is what I’m hoping to win:

1st Prize Winner: $300 Cash (via PayPal) + WP Review Site Developer License from wpreviewsite.com worth $299 + Advanced WordPress Membership Plugin Site License from wp-member.com worth $32.99 + 6 Months Plus Membership from tutsplus.com worth $54 +  1 Year Themes Membership from elegantthemes.com worth $19.95 + WP Buddy Plan 1 Year Hosting Sponsorship worth $160/year.

These aren’t just petty little prizes. These are THE plugins and packages I NEED in order to truly establish the technical side of our business. Robert and I sit around talking about we need to earn the money to purchase these things still, so winning them would mean so much.

Once the contest reaches a certain point, they’ll (hopefully) post this entry, and you’ll be encourage to go vote for my story! I’ll let you know when! Thanks for reading!


One thought on “wpwebhost.com Tell Us Your WordPress Story Contest

  1. I’m just a mom, so you know that I’m going to put my two cents in. But it will take some hard work on your part. There really are thousands of dolllars of government grants available for women to start businesses. It’s just sitting there. And you are going to need a LOT more money when this takes off nationally. So now would be the time to start sitting down and start filling out the paperwork. For financial advice go to the Small Business Association (SBA) or the organization of retired business people that help give advice on business. There is nothin worse that having to nickel and dime yourself to death when you are starting a business because you run out of money so quickly. I know that you want to do it with your own money, but there IS money out there available for women minority businesses. You just have to go after it. Once this thing takes off it will be mind boggling how much money you will need. So why not get the jump on the grants? Okay, that was three cents, but I’m just so proud of you!

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