Underneath the City Lights

I wish I could write about all that is happening in our lives in a truly engaging way. But, I don’t think I have it in me tonight. If you’re a fan of Not In Kansas, you’re a fan, whether I’m engaging or not! SO, what IS happening?

Bob, Nila and I went for a walk this morning into downtown Grandview (which is the little neighborhood where we live). We stopped at the French Loaf and had a little pastry, then down to Trader Tots where we got Nila a new (used) dress, and a POTTY. She has been interested in the potty lately…frequently pointing up the stairs to the bathroom and saying, “Potty? Peepee. Poopoo.” So, since she knows what it is and what to do there, we figured we might as well get this show on the road. Her Potty is much fancier than we would have purchased for her new ourselves… it lights up, plays music and spits out stickers. Well, it would. We don’ t have any batteries for it yet. On our way home, we stopped into Walgreens and grabbed a few things. Among them, a package of Smooth Away. Have you seen this – a hair buffing pad for legs and other parts? Brandi used them recently and didn’t like them. I LOVE THEM. She said they didn’t work, but we think they totally do! I will seriously NEVER shave again, and I will raise Nila to use these rather than shaving. Halle-freaking-lujah.

Then, after lunch and a quick nap for Nila, we spent the afternoon at the Columbus Arts Festival (love the new location, btw – I wish they’d leave it there even after the riverfront is done). Nila enjoyed herself, er… mostly, she enjoyed the balloons. After the festival, we stopped by our favorite furniture store, called Show and Tell. We are promising ourselves that we will have new furniture at some point this summer, and there is a possibility that we will be able to get some in the next month, so we wanted to take a peek at their leather sets. We found a set we love, of course, but we can’t get it just yet. I’m also determined that we’re going to paint and do something about the flooring in our kitchen and bathroom soon, too. I figure if we’re going to live here for a while, we might as well like it. There is hardwood under our carpet, but we can’t tell if it’s in good condition or not. It might JUST need refinished, or it might need more work than that. We think we can get our landlord to let us slide on the rent a little in order to make some improvements here. Cool, huh?

Bob is still working at his temporary tech support job with Chase. He hates it, but he’s totally hanging in there. Hopefully, he won’t have to much longer. We have had some exciting developments come about for our website design business lately. Among them, the possibility of a site design and maintainance contract that for just 10 hours of work a week, would pay more than we’re making working our full time jobs. We’re also picking up a new Crime Stoppers site, and that Crime Stopper’s director has another site she’d like done, too. It has been truly encouraging to have this business come our way so quickly… it feels very much like a holy confirmation that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

Assuming that I get the first site mentioned above, Bob and I will have the opportunity to go to the National Crime Stoppers Conference this August (the proceeds from the first site will pay for us to go). Did I mention that the conference just happens to be a CRUISE from LA to Mazaltan, Puerto Vallarta, and other points south of the border? Yeah. It is an incredible opportunity for us to be a part of something BIG at the conference, so we’re fingers crossed that everything works out for us to go. I’ve never been on a cruise.

My mom is coming to visit later this summer, too! I don’t think I mentioned that. I just had dinner somewhere tonight where I think I’d like to take her when she visits. It’s called the Pig Iron BBQ in Clintonville. It was SOOO good! I have had a bit of a hankering lately for BBQ and have been sorely disappointed each try to stop it… but their food was really good. BUT it was REALLY loud! A bunch of school bus drivers were lighting it up on their last day of school. Nila ate dinner with her hands over her ears almost the entire time.

OH, speaking of food. Aimee and I are going to have a little encouragement competition for dropping some weight. I can’t take it anymore. I saw myself today in a storefront and didn’t recognize the reflection. Ugh. That can’t be good. I told Bob today that I’ve been fat before, but it’s different now. Before, I was a solid fat. NOW, I’m a flabby gross fat. I just lost all of my muscles somewhere along the way.

Related somewhat… Bob and I are considering getting Nila into daycare for a few hours a week. She needs to play with other kids her age, and if we had a few hours sans baby, we could go work out together somewhere. It’s also possible that we could join a gym with a daycare, and kill two birds with one stone. I told Bob today that I need to get better about meeting the other families in our neighborhood who have children. Again, if we’re going to live here, we might as well LIVE here.

Ok, well that’s all for now. I told Bob I’d be in bed by 10PM, and I will. I hope all is well with you!


2 thoughts on “Underneath the City Lights

  1. Two things:

    1. I don’t think it’s called Show and Tell. I don’t know what it IS called, but that’s not it. Probably.

    2. If any of your readers wants to lose weight, I have a great incentive plan: Send me $50. If you meet your goal for the month, I’ll send it back. If not, I keep it. Sounds good, right?

  2. Bob – Our little competition might be something along those lines. Maybe. We haven’t worked out the details yet.

    Ang, I totally hear you on so many levels. On the weight. On the home improvement. All of it. Somehow, we are living very similar lives.

    Funny about the Smooth Away. A few weeks ago, I casually mentioned needing to shave and my oldest, Hannah, tells me that I should get Smooth Away and then I wouldn’t have to shave anymore. She described what it looked like, then nearly verbatum from the infomercial, explains what sizes are available, even the small one for your lip and chin. I nearly screamed laughing. She was completely serious. I must definitely get some now. 🙂

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