Best Year Yet = Year of Least Sleep

If you are having YOUR best year yet, then you know that having your best year yet doesn’ t just happen. You have to really work for it. For our family, that means that Bob works nights at a job that…well let’s just say it’s not best suited for skills. He goes to work at 6:30PM four or five days a week and gets home anywhere from midnight to 6AM. After he goes to work, I put Nila to bed around 6:45PM or 7PM, and I get to work on AngieMeekerDesigns.

Last Saturday, I spent the entire day at the library working on two new sites that the Central Ohio Crime Stoppers are rolling out. On Sunday, I lost everything I’d done because of a problem with the hosting servers, AND at the same time, lost the existing site. I was on the phone with tech support for at least three hours both Sunday and Monday night, and finally got it back up around 1AM Monday night. I spent another hour Monday setting up one of the new sites (again). Good thing, because on Tuesday morning while I was continuing to work on it, a local news station called and wanted to do a story on it. I told them I didn’t think it was complete enough yet, but they wanted to because it’s sweeps week, and the company’s pres wanted to do it, too. So, “we” were on the news again (third time in six months). Not bad.

We’re also in talks with a consulting firm about the possibility of joining their team. They already have some inroads into the national crime organization and could easily send a lot of business my way, if their ideas (and my implementation) are accepted by the national org. At the same time, I was already doing and planning on expanding the same services myself. I suppose the primary benefit is the fact that they are positioned to market what I’m already doing and can do (and, they DO bring an additional element to the table which I’m not offering, donor development and fundraising strategy). The primary con of working with them is that I will make a lesser initial profit as we change the pricing structure for their package. Ugh. I don’t know.

One thought on “Best Year Yet = Year of Least Sleep

  1. Are you taping any of these interviews so that we can see them? Can I go to the website of the station and see the tapes? I feel a giant business slowly growing AND it’s for a good cause.

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