Ordinary People

1. Nila is pretty well sleeping through the night now, and sleeping in until 7AM or 8AM. Pure joy, she is.

2. This morning Bob and I met with Mike Johnson, a trainer with whom I’m bartering services for a website. Our time with Mike started with a fitness assessment and ended with a promise that “we would  hate our workout routines.” That’s probably what we need.

3. As you know, I went to part time at my office job about three weeks ago. We are looking for my replacement even now so that I can come home and work and play. Today I read this in a resume and couldn’t help but laugh:

Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation’s

I kid you not. She obviously didn’t make the first round.

4. We are about to launch another Crime Stoppers site for our local affiliate. You can watch it come to life at http://ohmw.stopcrime.org if you’d like. I might even use some of you as testers!

5. Tomorrow morning I am going to take a first shot at making some sales calls for our Crime Stoppers websites. I think I’m going to say something like this:

Hi. This is Angie Meeker from YourCrimeSite.com. Don’t hang up.

and go from there. I am NOT super-excited about sales calls, but I have to do it.


2 thoughts on “Ordinary People

  1. 1. Great to hear that Nila is sleeping through the night.

    2 (RE: #4). That’s funny (punctuation’s). We ran into some of that when we were looking at my replacement.

    3. I haven’t heard an answer from you about a good health/weight loss challenge. I left a message on your “Fit” blog. Email me! 🙂

  2. Good opening speal about Crime Stoppers. That should get their attention! Great that Nila is sleeping through the night. You have no idea how happy I was between you and Joe sleeping through the night finally. She has the right idea about a healthy diet, just eat crayons and you’ll lose weight. LOl That’s cool that you guys are going to have your own personal fitness trainer. So are you and Bob going to compete to see who can be the”Biggest Loser”? I’ll be glad to get off of this Prednisone so I can start losing weight again.
    I love bartering. I just got my kitchen painted in exchange for some accounting work. It needed it after nine years! Congratulations and keep up the good work. You’re doing great! Atta-a-girl Mary Tyler Moore!

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