Thoughts about our Best Year Yet

A vision is a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be. I have one. I have this picture of what our life should be, and we’re working on it. But up to now, only parts of it. It’s as if we’ve believed Section A + C of the vision could be accomplished, and we’re making progress in those areas, but we’ve been totally self-defeating in Sections B, D and E. No more. I don’t know if the word is focus, concentrate, believe, dedicate, commit – or maybe focenlievacatit, some combination of all of them… but what ever it is, we need to do it in order to have our Best Year Yet (which has become our slogan for 2009). It’s like this (as an example): If I want to be a person who has clean baseboards, I have to come to a DEEP realization that they’re not going to magically get (or stay) clean! SOMEONE has to clean them, and have a plan for WHEN and HOW they’re going to be cleaned. So it is in Areas A-D.


4 thoughts on “Thoughts about our Best Year Yet

  1. You mean that there is actually dust on baseboards? I never knew that. I guess that I just don’t notice things like anymore in my old age.
    (I’m lying, it bugs the heck out of me, so I clean them when I mop) or use the attachment on the vaccuum.) Ceiling fans are a whole different stories.

  2. If I’m not tall enough or can bend over enough, then I don’t have to clean it. Come to think of it, I’m pretty short and I can’t bend over very well, so that’s why I have someone come 4 days a week to clean for me. Just the light stuff though. She doesn’t do windows or dustboards or ceiling fans. But she does like to rearrage closets and dressers and redecorate,so I can’t find anything! I sure do miss her on the weekends. I’m a slob with those “no clean parts”

  3. My previous comment got lost in cyberspace. I think you and I are living parallel lives. I’ve been thinking about the same things lately. I feel like I’m stuck between wanting/doing better and actually living it.

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