Angie Meeker Designs (and does other stuff, too)

It’s been too long since I’ve talked with all of you here at Not In Kansas. Lots happening around here. I hope you’ve had a Happy Easter season!

1. Be sure to check out Nila’s blog if you haven’t lately. The Spring 2009 header has just been released!

2. We have been working for sometime on our plan to take over the world. If you hang around Facebook, you might have seen my references to it. I can’t really tell you all about it yet, but suffice to say, we’re working HARD and have a lot of work todo still in order to accomplish our goals. Bob is working more hours than ever, and sooner rather than later, I will be cutting back my hours at the office in order to pursue these goals.

3. We are considering changing the name of Angie Meeker Designs to Azadi Creative. Azadi is a Kurdish word that means “freedom.” I’ve always like the way the word sounds, and seeing it written out just now, I think it looks strong, even in plain text. What do you think?

4. On a related website design note, I’ve been missing an entire avenue of income over the past few years – affiliate commissions. With GoDaddy, who is one of the two hosts I recommend, I can earn up over $100 for every hosting package I sell. I just worked with a client this afternoon, who is getting a FREE site from me in exchange for some gardening help, but he still had to purchase his website hosting. I made over $100 on his hosting, and all I had to do was get him to purchase what he already needed to purchase. Strange?! What have I been doing the past few years?!

Well, that’s all for right now. Sorry I don’t have any more exciting things to talk about than that, but like I said, we’ve been working hard at taking over the world.

I’ll give you an update as soon as I have one!


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