Starting Somewhere: Nila’s Room











Last week, the Craigslist Genie showed up at our house with a huge white entertainment wall unit KIND OF similar to the one in the picture above. It pretty much looks like the one above except 1) it’s white, 2) has a much smaller space in the middle for a tv, and 3) doens’t have doors or hardware. But whatever you get the picture that we got this behemoth for free. We decided to use it in Nila’s room again one entire wall (it’s that big).

Today, we spent the day kickin’ around Cincinatti. One of our stops was, of course, to IKEA. We picked up a few things and oogled at many others. We purchased two packages of the storage bins you see above. The gingham on them matches the gingham on Nila’s curtians, which we purchased from the DC IKEA on the way home from VA a few weeks ago. We even have some of the curtain left (they were very long) so I’m hoping to figure out something to do with them on the big white wood thing. Maybe a little curtain type thing for a few of the cubicles. We also grabbed some white plastic bins to hold her toys and books.

We have this old queen anne style chair in Nila’s room which is floral and dirty – not a good combo. I’m thinking about recovering it, and triming its ottoman with some of this fabric. A hefty undertaking, no doubt, but I think we could do it.

We also picked up a few little what’s the word? not herbs, not ivy… FERNS! A few ferns for her room and white clay pots for them to sit in. I think they’ll look lovely on the shelves. Her room is starting to actually look like a kid lives in there!

Hopefully I can show you a picture Sunday night sometime!


One thought on “Starting Somewhere: Nila’s Room

  1. She’s come a long way from only having electricity for a few hours a day. Now she has a real bedroom with lights and everything!

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