Discover Your Passion, Pt. 1

If you downloaded the Passion Project earlier this week, then you may have started on this already. If not, I’m giving you a peek by sharing one of the first discovery excercises here. Do it for yourself, then comment your mission! 

1.  Click here and check out the list of words and comment the three words which appeal to you most!

Compel, Direct, Facilitate, Gather, Implement, Identify, Host, Measure, Share, Teach, Understand, and Write are the words that stick out to me at first. If I have to narrow it down, I choose… Teach, Host, Compel

 2.  Next, write down the top three causes or values you believe in the most. You’ll need to think of your own, but here is a list of some example ones to get your thinking started: Love, Success,  Honesty, Freedom, Courage, Acceptance, Forgiveness

My causes or values are Consistency, Purpose, and Simplicity

 3.  Next, I want you to imagine a place in your life where your personal needs are completely met. You have everything you could possibly want and you are looking at contributing to something outside of yourself; a group of people or a cause or a concept. You can think of your own, or you can pick one from here. What would that thing be that you want to contribute to?

My people or causes are churches, internet, and teens. 

4. Ok, now I want you to write down the three verbs you picked in step one, the three values you wrote down in the second step and the group or concept you picked in the third step:

Step 1:
My mission is to ____________, _____________ and ____________
Step 2:
the _______________, ______________, _____________ of/to/i
Step 3:

You might need to play with the sentence structure a bit and you might need to go through this exercise more than once to connect to it fully, but don’t worry if it doesn’t fully make sense right now. This is just ONE hint towards getting to know your true self.

My mission is to teach, host and compel consistency, simplicity and purpose to churches and teens on and through the internet. 

What does your statement say?


3 thoughts on “Discover Your Passion, Pt. 1

  1. My mission is to encourage, connect, and value teenagers (or other social/cultural groups of people) by being honest, accepting, and helping to improve their quality of life through teaching them about nutrition, finances, and/or sexuality.

    1. Jessica,

      That’s AWESOME!! I love it. That totally fits you! So, of course, one of my next questions – what are you doing with that?


  2. So I’m gonna ask…what is it about those things you admire or value so greatly? Or, in a different light what is it about the opposite values that are unappealing to you? (inconsistency, complicated, and lack of purpose–or chaotic) Also, I want to know did you define those things based on what you admire, what you want to strive for, what others describe you as, or what? How did your brain get to those specific values/causes?

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