Nila’s Black Dress

Last weekend, I saw a Joann’s ad which included this sundress material. It claimed one stitch up the side, and voila! A dress! So this morning before Bob went to work, we ventured over to our local Joann’s. After getting distracted by the Easter decorations, then the upholstery fabrics, and then the quilting section, we finally found the four bolts of fabric we were looking for. We settled on the black, white and red cherry print because. Well, there was no reason except we liked it more than the others. We left the store having spent less than five dollars on fabric. Straight seems up the sides and bottom, and about two hours later, we had a dress!

Again, I think that it needs straps, and maybe some arm holes. Maybe the straps would alleviate the need for arm holes because I wouldn’t have to hike it up so high (Nila tries to pull it off). Regardless, I like it. I like how it poofs out after the bodice.

7 thoughts on “Nila’s Black Dress

    1. Aimee:
      I don’t have a sewing machine – I just did it by hand. I’m CERTAIN that you know how to sew as well as I do! Over under, over under. That’s all I know how to do! Try something!


  1. Is that from the same type of pattern from the shirt dress? It looks like it has that elastic type material for the top.
    Oh, she is just soooo stickin cute! I’m going to enter her into the country’s cutest baby contest in every contest I can find. She’s model material. There isn’t a baby as cute as her in the whole wide world! I love to hear her giggle.
    I’m going to order you a surprise next week and have it shipped to your house. You’ll love it.
    How DO you find the time to do all this? Working full time, going to school, being a full time mom, wife, bible classes, community events, entertaining friends, cooking great meals,???? You’re like super woman. Tadada Super Angie!!!!! Plus you can make chocolate chip cookies!
    And you make beautiful babies!

    1. Hi Mom,

      No, this was just a piece of fabric that already had the scrunching at the top. All I did was cut it a little shorter (because the fabric was about 7 inches too long for Nila, and then stich up some seams. Really super simple!

      And, just to clarify…

      I don’t take Bible classes, go to community events, entertain friends or cook! I haven’t made a good chocolate chip cookie in YEARS! and my latest homework assignment is two days overdue!

      Wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea!


  2. Ang,

    Actually, I can’t sew a button all that well. I’m determined to fix that this year. 🙂

    And, you know your Mom is right. You’re a wife, mother, employee and student. Any one or two of those is a lot, but combine them all, and you pretty much rank up there with the super heroes.

    I’m just sayin’. 🙂

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