Mad Church Disease, Pt. 1


This book, Mad Church Disease, has been out for  a little while. I followed it when it was still in pre-production, and thought it would be something I’d want to read. I am going to get it and read it this week or next, and I’ll let you what I think after that. Here is a link to a sample chapter. If you want it, you can get it from Amazon by clicking the photo above. The sample chapter got me thinking about things.

I left the Vineyard in 2006. A few months after that, Jason and I (then, he was the Executive Pastor), were talking in the car about all that was happening and had happened. He asked me if I would ever work in the church again. I told him no. I couldn’t see it at the time (still can’t). He said he didn’t think that would prove to be true, but that if/when I did, I would probably work in something other than youth ministry or traditional church. Probably true.

I have been thinking about church lately (this is different than thinking about my relationship with Jesus, so I swear if anyone relates what I’m about to say to my relationship with Jesus, I will ban you forever from notinkansas. Yes and Amen).

In Iraq, church just isn’t like the church here in America, and I didn’t have much occassion to think about it there. Maybe it’s a truer church there, maybe not. We’ve been back in the US for about nine months now, and frankly, I haven’t thought much about the church since we’ve been back, either. To be fair, the church hasn’t thought much about me, either. I haven’t encountered the church once since being home. Now, if you’re one of our believing friends, I don’t mean that you haven’t been around! I mean, the church that doesn’t know Bob and I are Christians. The ones at the supermarket in line, or the park, or movies, or maybe our neighbors, or…I don’t know. Whereever the church is hiding out these days. And you know what? I’m not sure I care if the church continues to hide out. Something about having a light and hiding it under a basket? Crap. What’s that verse [sarcasm duly noted. please don’t email the reference for that scripture]?

I’ve posted this article before, but I think it is an IMPORTANT, FOUNDATIONAL read for any believer sincerely wanting to follow Jesus into the world. It’s called Detoxing from Church. Go take a read, then come back and ramble some thoughts in the comments section. I love the Church. I love Christ. I love other people. But the church, to me, right now, is like a dim-witted, lazy inheritant, and I’m not sure I want to try to fix her, or my current perspective of her.


5 thoughts on “Mad Church Disease, Pt. 1

  1. If by church, you mean the general public that gives you blessings without knowing whether you’re christian or not, I found church Saturday. My church was a cart wrangler at Walmart. As he took my cart, he blessed me, told me that faith was all that holds “us” together, and to trust in God because big things were coming. If that’s what you mean by church….I’ve discovered that as much as we look for it, it’s looking for us.

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if you could erase everything you know about “church” and start again with just God and a community of Christ followers?

    I think it’s impossible for Americans to have a church experience that isn’t a reaction to something else; we can’t experience church positively or organically. Detoxing from church isn’t a positive action, it’s a reaction to the standard church experience.

    I don’t know if I’m making my point clearly enough to be fully understood, but Nila’s awake, so I have to be done.

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