Sick with a cough

It’s 12:27AM on Saturday morning. I am wide awake because I’m all stuffy and can’t breathe anywhere in our apartment. (I would sleep next to the window with it mostly open in order to breathe, but…) Bob is upstairs trying to sleep, while having a terrible cough all his own. In the room next to ours is little Nila, who every hour or so announces her own sickness with a hacking cough. Hi – we’re the Meeker Family, and we’re sick.


One thought on “Sick with a cough

  1. Aw, as your Mom, it just kills me that I can’t be there to help take care of you all. I’d just fill you full of Nyquil. Give you lots of Kleenexes. And just check on you and feed you chicken soup. But as your Mom, I just want to be there to take care of you all. I hope this passes soon and you all start to feel better soon.
    Love you,

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