Top 3 Prizes for Inspired Affiliate’s Marketing Challenge

A while back I posted a link to Paul’s article on how to make money doing what you love. I’ve been stalking the Inspired Affiliate for some time now, and think it’s time to jump into a little contest he is having. His blog makes for great reading, and was the catalyst for a lot of my own dreaming and scheming lately.

The contest has two parts, one of which I can’t enter just yet because I don’t have a REAL website, just this second level site. When I get hosting though, I’m gonna kill his next affiliate contest. However, Paul has made it possible for us peons to enter his contest, too, by helping choose the prizes for the NEXT contest. Here are my thoughts:


Aiptek PJV11X PocketCinema V10 Portable Projector (Silver)

“Portable Media Players are a thing of the past.  What good is watching your favorite movie or TV show on a 2 inch screen?  Slip the Aiptek PocketCinema into your pocket and you’ll be able to project a 42 inch image on any surface!  And with support for up to 8GB SDHC cards, you’ll be able aiptek_4inoneto carry hours and hours of video with you.  James Bond never had it this good! ” This crazy projector fits in your pocket, hooks up to your phone, camera, video camera, Ipod, computer, Wii, and whatever else you can think of! With summer coming up, I’m thinking about the possibility of movie nights on the back porch using this projector.



Genius G-Note 7100 Letter-Size Digital Notepad and Tablet with 2 Pens

“The Genius G-Note 7100 digital notepad allows you to capture and organize your ideas by using a pen. By simply writing or drawing using one of the two included wireless pens on the letter-size notepad, you can enter notes and images directly into your PC. Best of all, you don’t need to be constantly connected to use the G-Note 7100. The notepad’s built-in 32 MB memory can store up to 100 pages.” Our family would love to have one of these! We are constantly porting around a spiral bound to keep up with our various to-do’s, schemes and journaling. There is something really great about actually WRITING your thoughts and plans, as opposed to typing. Now, you can have the creativity of writing with the ease of storing those thoughts electronically!


31ymw8lz9wl__sl500_aa280_THIRD PRIZE:
Philips VOIP 321 Skype Dual Phone Single Handset

“With the VOIP 321 you can make free Skype calls as well as normal landline calls. You can make and take calls on both networks from one single handset, and you can see who is on-line without going to the PC, just by looking at the display. “ When we lived in Iraq, we mostly made calls to home using Skype or some other VOIP variant. This phone allows you to use one phone for Skype calls, and “normal” calls. We would definitely use this if we had it to keep up with our friends and family in different states and countries!

Here’s to hoping I win at least one of the $25 AMEX gift cards Paul is giving away in his Affiliate Marketing Challenge!


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