Five Reasons To Keep Reading, pt. 2

1. Still not a top five list.

2. Nila was sick. Then I was sick. Then Bob was sick. Now I am sick. And Bob is sick. And Nila sounds like she’s getting sick. I’ve been off of work for two days trying to get well enough to finish the week. I think I’ll be good tomorrow. Nila also had a lead test and anemia screening today. NOTHING is wrong, just standard tests. But she didn’t even cry. Big girl.

3. Bob got a new laptop cord, so we’re back in business, kind of. I’m actually still getting a new laptop this week, then we’ll both be good to go.

4. I cut Nila’s bangs the other day. This evening at dinner Bob said she looks like she has a mullet.

5. There is no number five. Keep reading though! One day there will be!



One thought on “Five Reasons To Keep Reading, pt. 2

  1. Darn it, this is the third time I’ve had to type this. Every since my computer crashed, my mouse goes beserk and I lose everything. I need to get a wireless one. I have one somewhere. I just need to find it. But it’s a pain.
    1. I’m glad that you have some kind of computer back in your house. It’s been driving me nuts, you not having a computer.
    2. I found some pictures of you when you were Nila’s age. I will send them out in the mail tomorrow. I’m sorry, but she is definately the spitting image of Bob! At least at this age. And Brian is the spitting image of Joe except I kept Joe’s hair longer so his cowlicks wouldn’t show like they do on Brian.
    3. I sent you pictures of my road trip to Corpus Christi and Padre Island this weekend. I’ve always wanted to go there since I’ve been here. It was worth the wait. I think they put something in the water to make it so blue and it felt so good to feel soft sand in between my toes again. It was wonderful.
    4. I’ve decided not to have the plasma transfusion. It only last for 6 weeks at the most and I’d rather spend that time on having a good time and save a hugh hospital bill. The side affects are pretty severe too. So I’m going to pass.
    5. I fell pretty hard this week and have a big goose egg on my head that still hurts when I brush my hair. No stiches though. I’m pretty hard headed.
    6. It’s cold here! Not like cold, cold there, but I had to put on a sweater and turn on the heater at night. During the day it warms back up into the 70’s, but it’s cold. Especially when Comet sneaks back in around 3 am and leaves the door open.
    7. I hope that everyone starts feeling better there. Everyone has had the crud here too. It’s the flu that is resistant against the vacine. Even my dr and his family have had it. It turns into pnuemonia easily. And is reisistant against that vacine too. So everyone is sick and just keeps passing it around. Lana’s new grandbaby has it and all they can do is use the sucker out thingy and he hates it. But it seems to be working.
    8. I couldn’t find your Uncle Tommy’s website again. I know that it’s called The Art Studio but he said he hadn’t used it in almost 5 years so maybe they took it down. But I hope that you get a chance to talk with him soon. He’s a good guy.
    9. I might have to change cell phones again. I keep going way over on mintutes talking to my mom and Kathy about things. I’m think that I’m going to have to go with Cricket. oh well. I can’t get Mom off the phone when she gets on there.
    10. Give Nila a big hug and kiss from Grandma Mo. I miss her. She seems like such a joy to be around.
    Finally, when you get your new computer, tell me how to kick this sweet tea habit. It’s way out of control. I’m up to almost two gallons a day now. I’m going to be a diabetic at this point pretty quick. But it’s sooooooo gooooood!!!!
    Well, everyone have a nice night, try to get some rest.
    Talk to you soon. Glad things worked out for you all.

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