9 Questions to Kindle Your Defining Moment, Pt. 1

Over the next nine days, I am going to ask a series of questions designed to help you discover your passion. Answer them here as a comment, if you’d like, or if you write your answers on your own blog, but be sure to post a link so others can see. I got us started with question number one, “What are the 50 things in life you most enjoy doing?”

Don’t try to be all fancy with your answers, either! If you’re a parasailor, awesome! If you like scrapbooking, cool! Maybe you’re like me and you like board games – good for you! It’s your life, so tell us about it!

What are the 50 things in life you most enjoy doing? (Don’t stop until you have at least 50 things listed).

(Special thanks to Gideon and Yaro for this kindling).

My answers to 50 things:

reviewing Christian books for staff
rediscovering creativity
working with teens and teen volunteers
critiquing churchs’ welcoming and integration systems
sharing pictures and video of Nila
working out (You don’t have to actually be DOING these things, just enjoy them!)
going places by foot
going to parks
making money
helping others believe in themselves
having parties
reading blogs
learniing to cook
planning events and trips
board games
graphic design
being married and show young people it can be done
interviewing and writing resumes
home decorating
playing with Nila
asking other’s thoughts
explaining things simply and thoroughly
helping people not be scared
yardwork and gardening
finding free/bartered things
introducing others to new experiences
being outside
telling others what to do
saying whatever I want to say
Teaching business owners how to have a presence on the web and why
looking at cool things online
traveling and the ensuing experiences
being with my family
learning about how to be better with money
sharing spiritual things with others
administrative work of the executive level
helping people connect online
shopping for Nila when we have money!
talking to parents about their teens and vice versa
talking to older people about teen culture
visiting new places
window house shopping
going to the library
talking about NON-church


4 thoughts on “9 Questions to Kindle Your Defining Moment, Pt. 1

  1. Okay, I have 50
    1. I always have a positive attitude
    2. I’m always smiling
    3. I always see the best in people first
    4 I do a lot of research on the computer. Doesn’t matter what it is, I’ll look it up.
    5. I am a lousy cook and burn every thing that I cook
    6. I love to do taxes
    7. I love to research about taxes or news
    8. I make friends easily
    9. I can write on my blogs “How Far Will Happy Go” a lot
    unless I’m sick.
    10. I can talk about my grandchildren a LOT
    11. I love my friends. They are like family to me.
    12. I tell very, very long stories. I can’t tell something in just a few words.
    13. I love to talk to people. Even strangers standing in line.
    14. I like to say “Hi” to strangers just to see the look on their faces.
    15. I love surprises.
    16. l love to receive pictures or videos of my my family
    17. I love to carry a camera around in my purse. You never know when you’re going to run across a “Kodak” moment in life.
    18. I love road trips
    19. I save every birthday, Christmas, friends, Mother’s day or any type of card that I’ve ever received. I have bags and bags of them.
    20. I learned that I love to garden
    21. I love living in Texas
    22. I love spending time with my friends.
    23. I really, really miss my family.
    24. I love to testify about God and Jesus
    25. I love to help people, even if it means I give them my last dollar.
    26. I appreciate my doctors and the healing power that God has given them.
    27. I love talking about my kids and grandkids.
    28. I love my best friend “Comet”. My golden retriever. She makes me smile and laugh every morning when I wake up.
    29. I love having a car. A Rollscanhardly. It Rolls down one hill and can hardly make it up the other. No air, no radio. But it rolls.
    30. My natural talent is talking. I talk with my hands. I talk a lot. I’m very sappy.
    31. I am a kind person. I sorta grew into that.
    32. I love to actually live life. Not just sit by and let it happen.
    33. I’ve learned that I can have anything that I want for dinner just by picking up the phone and ordering it.
    34. I’ve learned I really am a lousy cook. I think the smoke alarm is a timer.
    35. I am a good, loyal, friend
    36. I appreciate every day as my “gift” day from God even when I feel awful, it’s still my gift day.
    37. I really do like to do taxes. It’s challenging. I even volunteer online to answer tax questions for people. I can stay up until 2:00 am doing that.
    38. I have of LOT of Bibles in my house. I don’t know why, but i do.
    39. I have a tendency to keep friends for a very long time.
    40. I wish that i could have my whole family together for just one day.
    41. I have an obsesssive compulsive disorder. I have to scrub the toilet every single time I go poo poo. TMI
    42. I spend most of my day on the computer researching something, anything. I read 5 different newspapers daily online.
    43. When I was able to, I loved to dance. Even in the rain.
    44. When someone’s heart hurts, I feel their pain.
    45. I talk too much. I even talk to myself. I never lose an argument.
    46. I am NOT a neat freak!
    47. I always lose one ear ring but I never throw the other one away, because I might find the other one.
    48.. I let my light shine!
    49. I know that I am blessed.
    50. I know that I have a one way ticket to heaven paid for with His blood and that makes me “Happy”

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