Generation Me

I got home from work today to find I had a Merry Christmas package. I was surprised to see its contents – this book:
from my pal Brian Stevenson!

Big thanks for that Brian! It’s been a while since I’ve read a book in that genre! Mostly books on design and marketing lately! It looks great!

You can check out Brian’s blog at

3 thoughts on “Generation Me

  1. LOL! Thank you for the kind (and unexpectedly public) thank you. Did you get the version of the book with the scantily clad woman on the front? At times I am so embaressed of that cover that I put it face down when I’m done with each chapter. 😛

  2. This comment has nothing to do with your post, but I was hoping to check to see if it’s ok to include the links to Brothers Together Iraq in a list of charities listed on The Mother Letter Project.

    I was thinking of listing the Ronald McDonald House, but felt that I should include BTI instead. So, my apologies if it wasn’t ok. My intent was to put the name out there, hoping someone would donate.

    Any plans for the birthday?

  3. Columbus, Ohio = BBBBRRRRRRR, cold, very cold and snowy
    Goldsboro, NC = AAAHHHHHHH, warm, balmy 72 today.
    But I’m not braggin’- just stating the facts, dear Angie. Want to come south for a visit? Bring the flip flops! But you will definetely have a white Chrismas, that part I do envy….

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