This salad is the only salad that can make me dance.

(direct quote from Robert Meeker re: tonight’s dinner)

In case you didn’t figure it out, Nila is dancing in the video below. I forgot to mention that. She has a spot next to the radio and every evening she runs over to it to get her groove on. Every night.

So some of you know about the Crime website I built earlier this fall. It’s doing quite well, getting some media attention and all. I’ve been on the news twice detailing its traffic related to a particular crime. Tonight the Crime director called and mentioned that the National Director of the Crime org., wants to do an article in their monthly magazine about the site and wanted to know if I could particpate for that article. Sure. And he said the National guy might want their site redone. And that since there are over 3000 branches of this Crime org., maybe I could pull in some of that business (He actually said, “If you only got 10% of those sites, I think that would keep you busy and well paid”). Bob and I figured it out and if I DID get 10% of those sites, I’d make a cool $300K in the year I did those (as if I could do 300 sites in a year). And then, the maintence (sp?) on those sites would be another $60K a month.

So exactly how DOES one go about getting 10% of a market? Because adding all that up in one year is over a million dollars. Maybe THIS is how I’m going to make my first million!?

And I think it starts with my own hosting package – $107.49 a year! Anyone care to donate to the Million Dollar Cause?!


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