Faithfully Imitating

Here is some listening music and lyrics for you as you read (Rita Springer, Make Me A Prayer). This is the only music I have voluntarily listened to lately. I apologize that it’s not emedded. It’s too late to fool with that.

Make me a prayer, let my prayers be a cry
Humble my heart so that you may draw nigh
Cause me to stand and cry out for this land
Cause me to be one who’s set free
To stand, as a house of prayer

Make us a prayer, let our prayers be a cry
Humble our hearts so that you may draw nigh
Cause us to stand and cry out for this land
Cause us to be a people set free
To stand, as a house of prayer

The days seem fast around Kansas these days. We’re getting up like normal people at 6:30AM so I can be at work at 8AM. I was hired part time, but could easily work full time. Some days, I do stay until 5PM even though I was hired to work only until 12. I come home to help with dinner if I can, put Nila to bed, then do homework or websites until bed most nights. Fun times.

5068_cc0640_001_ws-g3The big and exciting news these days around our house is that next week, Dec. 1, we will no longer be foot-bound.. We are getting a HUGE SUV, an Expedition. It’s not new, of course, but it’s nice and we’re getting a great deal to lease it from a friend. I can’t even imagine what we will do with a vehicle of our own and gas as low as $1.50 here in C’bus. We’ve talked of driving to the Kroger across the street, Easton across town, and even Detroit across the border. As you can tell, we’re a little vehicle-crazy.

Nila seems to be taking my daily absence in stride. When I get home, she quickly toddles over to give me hugs (really, she gives hugs!), and after dinner, we chase one another until she is giggling hysterically, sprawled out on the floor. She has also taken to picking her nose. Well, I’m not sure if she’s picking it or just FEELING it, but either way, it’s both funny and really gross. Noone likes a nose picker. Little Nila Nose Picker. She has also become quite the dancer. Booty-shaking. Tail feather waving. Get your groove on, girl. This evening during her nightly dance session, she “got down with her badself,” while looking over her shoulder at us, one hand on her butt, one in the air. It’s only a matter of time before she’s a video girl.


6 thoughts on “Faithfully Imitating

  1. What’s the deal? I darkened my hair, too. I wonder if Charity has sent us some sort of subliminal message.


    Actually, I did it because it’s easier and cheaper. I won’t have to maintain the blonde, which I’m tired of anyway. Yours looks REALLY cute!

  2. That is soooo awesome that you finally get wheels! Since you’ve been doing so well lately, are you going to be able to get your license back? Doesn’t matter, just being able to go to the store, or visit someone is such a blessing since you’ve gone so long without a vehicle. I drive a RollsCanHardly and I just love it. It rolls down one hill and can hardly make it up the other. No air or radio, but wow, what a sense of freedom I have now. I’m so happy for you guys. I do believe that you are beginning to reap what you have sowed. Congratulations. What a wonderful early birthday present!

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