It’s beginning to look a lot like…

It’s snowing! Only tiny flakes here and there, but it’s snow!! I love this time of year – before the bitter cold sets in.


Nila has taken to playing in the fireplace (of course, there is no fire in it). She just grabbed a lid from a bowl I was letting her play with, scooped out a ton of ashes and dumped them on the hearth. Ugh. I can’t wait to get a screen.

I have decided against the Smith & Wollensky breakfast for my birthday. $50 is a too much for apple pancakes with Santa. We can find some other REALLY cool way to spend $50. We will definitely decorate the tree that evening, though (it’s my own tradition)! I’d also like to make gingerbread houses and cookies at some point this season. I think Nila would enjoy playing in the icing!

My first day at work went well. They have a LOT of work to do creating systems to keep track of their accounts. I imagine that I’ll stay busy every single day. Friday, the owner, BC, brought in his mother’s homemade pecan pie to share. It was yummy.

I picked up an extra site this week, which was much needed. I have two more in the hopper (but with no deposits, so…), which would also be great to finish up. Another with a deposit made, but they’re not ready to finish it yet. All of those sites, coupled with my school work has pretty much kept me busy waking to sleep. I did take some time last night to lounge on the couch and watch COPS with Bob. I have always loved that show because it makes ME feel like less of an idiot.


3 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like…

  1. My niece, the TV star..whoo-hoo!!!! Angie, you look great! You must have been really, really skinny before now. You did a fantastic job in the interview. You look very comfortable in front of a TV camera. Your rise as a TV star has begun! Next month, you may be offered a TV station job as an investigative reporter, or a computer operator for the station. Reach for the stars, baby!

  2. Teehee (on the COPS thing)

    Whatever you decide to do for your birthday, I hope it’s a good one!

    Is Nila climbing yet? Abbie gives me a heart attack a few times a day. Little Monkey.

  3. Are you going to put up a Christmas tree for your birthday? That was always a tradition in our family and I hope that you carry that on in yours. Plus you get to put the angel or star on top.
    I’m back on line sort of. I had to replace my hard drive, so I lost most of everything and ATT says that my DSL is messed up, so it is working worse now than before. They are suppose to call me back within an hour for tech support. This is the fourth time, I’ve typed this and lost it. It sounds like you’re a little busy. Keeps you out of trouble. When I get this working well again, I’ll tell you all about my testimony at church yesterday.Talk to you soon.

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