Turning Into A Pumpkin

11:59PM: I’ve done four hours of homework, registered and confirmed almost 100 women for a Free Self Defense Course the Crime Org. is offering, and edited the site twice to close sessions which are full. And checked on Nila when she woke up once. She has been sleeping pretty well the past few days.

It has been a pretty good day. Bob said his interview went really well (but maybe he’ll tell you more). He won’t know for two or three weeks if he gets the job, and it doesn’t start until Jan. 9th anyway. We both said today that we feel like the badness (for lack of a better word) surrounding us is lifting. That today was the last of the badness. INSHALLAH!!!


2 thoughts on “Turning Into A Pumpkin

  1. Feeling like the “badness” makes since, all right. Paul and I said that we felt like the heaviness was lifted from us this year, and in many ways it has nearly completely lifted: the lawsuit was settled in Jan./Feb., Abbie’s tongue surgery in Jan., the old house finally sold in May, Paul got a new job in Sept.

    I have seen this happen, and when it does, it seems everything just starts “magically” falling into place.

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