Fatty McGee is alive (and on tv)

I was interviewed by the local Fox affiliate this evening in response to something happening with one of the sites I maintain. And when it was on as the lead story at 10PM, Bob and I, of course, watched it.

And by watched it, I mean gawked in awe at my emerging Fatty McGeeness. Remember months ago when I said I was running, and eating better and so on? That was -30 pounds ago. In case you’re not reading that correctly, I’ve GAINED 30 pounds since we’ve been home from Iraq. Yay America. I was HOPING to do the opposite.

Nothing like seeing yourself on TV to kick start a wellness lifestyle, eh?


5 thoughts on “Fatty McGee is alive (and on tv)

  1. Did anyone happen to tape your interview? I would love to see it. Can I check the website of that TV station to see if it’s on there? I want to see your 15 mins of fame!

  2. If you’re going to be a local celeb remember…..the camera adds 10lbs., so technically you’ve only gained 20!!! There is always a silver lining!!

  3. Aw, I’m sorry. I’m not sure if it helps, but even if you’ve gained 30 lbs., you’re still lighter than you were.

    Two things are motivating me to get it in gear: seeing our vacation photos and seeing my blood sample at my check-up. Yuck.

    Maybe we could check in with each other for accountability? Think about it and let me know. Also, I’ll need your mailing address if you want those coupons for Prime Outlets.

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