Hope Springs Eternal, (Part. 1.5)

Robert left for his interview with the blue-boxed insurance company about 20 minutes ago. About an hour before that, I received a call from the company I interviewed with last week informing me I am being offered the position, and that I’ll know details about my “offer” tomorrow. That position is part time (20 hours), but will be enough to pay rent, utilities, phones, diapers, and a little bit more. Coupled with the payment I receive from a company whose site I maintain monthly, we could very likely even get access to our own car soon. If Bob gets this job, we might consider me still working these 20 hours. It would help us get out of debt so quickly, build some savings again, and get some things we desperately need.

So that’s sort of what’s going on today. I started some new classes this week (Databases, and Spreadsheets). My last class was an abysmal failure, I confess. Global Issues: you would think I would do really well! But there was so much writing (a big paper every week, along with two smaller papers, and an ongoing team project), that I couldn’t keep up. I don’t feel terrible about it though… this is my experience and I’m going to do it as I can. Admittedly though, I would like to not see a repeat with these classes.

It occured to me this week that I will be 30 soon. I don’t really care about turning THIRTY, but would like to have a good birthDAY this year. Smith and Wollensky at Easton is having a breakfast with Santa that day. I think it would be a great treat for Bob, Nila and I to do that. Then, I’m thinking about asking my BBQ buddy for my second meal on my birthday… I often dream of his BBQ chicken…


4 thoughts on “Hope Springs Eternal, (Part. 1.5)

  1. Thirty is a good one.

    I understand what a big deal it is to have both parents working… if you have to do daycare or other child care outside the home, what the changes mean to the wee one. I’m thinking of taking a full-time job for the reasons you mention, primarily getting out of debt, paying off my school loan, putting us in a better financial situation.

    I hope you guys go to the Santa breakfast and make a great day of it! You should totally have the BBQ guy do your birthday dinner!

  2. 30???? How did you get that old that quick? To me, you’re still my little girl with french braids. I’m so happy for the both of you. Prayer power!! God always has a way of coming through right at the last minute. But He always comes through.
    I wish that I could be there to help you celebrate your birthday, but as you know, you WILL hear from me very, very early. LOL
    Love, Mom

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