Hope springs eternal.

It’s a lovely evening here at chez meeker. Nila slept from 7PM-6:30AM last night, only waking up once at 11:30PM. Bob let me pretty much lay around in bed all day because I was feeling a good cold come on. We had a yummy dinner of garlic chicken with sweet & mashed potatoes. And though I hate to say it, the radiant heat in our apartment is kind of awesome (an affection I’m sure will fade once my cold wears off).

This evening, we watched in delight as Nila pranced around the living room in her diaper, two unmatching shoes, with a beanie on her head. (Oh how sad. Marge Simpson just got sushi thrown at her). She is the most perfect thing ever.

Nila, not Marge.

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment downtown to show the Crime crew how to maintain their site if they want to. Tuesday, Bob has an interview at a large, well known, blue-squared insurance company for a position in their some-kind-of-department for which I don’t yet know the name. We are giddy with hope. The thought of an actual salary for our family has been enough to drive us to listen to Christmas music. I don’t know how the two are related, but they are somehow.

I think that we are learning to be content in all things. And by all things, I mean NOthings.

(Um, has anyone seen the AT&T commerical where the thumbs with heads are texting each other? WHO thought that would be a good idea? They should have their own thumbs replaced with talking heads, and the heads can constantly tell them how stupid they are).

Um. The Simpsons is pretty much the best show on tv.


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