Captain’s Log

Yesterday Nila was playing with a nightlight in her room while I dressed her. I didn’t know it was hot. She stuck her finger in this little hole and shrieked in pain. I pulled her finger out, ran it under some water, and now she has a HUGE blister the size of one third of her index finger. 😦 Pray for her that it heals quickly and without pain or infection. She also has two teeth coming in at the same time, so these aren’t exactly happy days for her (though generally, she has kept her upbeat disposition).

I had a job interview this for a part time admin asst position at an insurance agency near our house. It pays well, and sounds like there is some actual responsibility in the position. I will know probably today if I’ll be called back for a second interview tomorrow.

(Nila has woken up – she is upstairs intermittenly playing and crying).

Aimee – You have asked a million times what I create site with and I’ve never responded. I mostly use WordPress (the full installation that has to reside on a server, not this free one though I have used that, too, if a client doesn’t want to pay for a server). It is very easy to learn, and you don’t HAVE to know code unless you want to modify themes (which I do). My major at school is Public Relations and Web Development, so hopefully I’ll learn more about the coding side of it as I get into those classes down the road.

Ugh. I guess I should go get Nila. She hasn’t readjusted since the time change. She had been sleeping until almost 8AM!!! and waking only twice in the night. With the teeth about to pop through though, AND the time change, she is waking multiple times in pain, and waking around 6:30AM.

Oh and for those who wonder (or have asked) – she is walking now, and is very good at it. She took a stroll through Target yesterday which was cute. And she is talking a bit, saying dad (first word), book (second), dog (third), duck, shoe and we think down. She LOVES to dance and will break it down for just about any beat she hears. (I think she may have gone back to sleep). (Nope).

And hey (Bob doesn’t know I’m going to say this), but if you’re still supporting us – stop. Stop sending your money to us through F. Start sending it to Goran through Shevet Achim ( He needs it right now more than we need it to accumulate in our account with our agency. Hundreds of Iraqi kids will be saved because of the work he does sending them to Israel for heart surgery. So have a bake sale, or a garage sale, or sell your books… whatever it takes to send a little his way.


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