10.21 | What is this shiny new button?

I have a shiny new, orange button on my wordpress toolbar which I just noticed today. I can create polls now. I think that this tool might just revive my blogging presence, because WHO doesn’t like polls!?


So have I ever told you how much I love Giant Eagle? I go into some sort of trance there, and it is something that doesn’t happen at Kroger, Meijer, Marc’s or God forbid, Aldi. (Mind you, I have nothing against Aldi, I’ve just decided that many times, their prices are comparable to Meijer now, so they’re only slightly overrated). If you haven’t been to your local Giant Eagle, be sure to stop in sometime soon for what is sure to be a pleasurable experience.

And while we’re talking about grocery stores – can I say how much I DON’T love Kroger? I am thankful for the Kroger Plus card, but what is the point of the card if the actual prices are going to be twice as high as other stores? Earlier this week, we went to the store, spent $16 and SAVED $14 with our nifty Kroger Plus card. WHAT!? That means our entire purchase of less than 10 staple items would have been $30 if we hadn’t used our card? Something is wrong here, don’t you think?

I’m done with my grocery store musings now. Did you know that I have a brother (who will remain nameless here unless some search engine find his name here and someone in the world realize that we’re related…) who just had a baby? For those who are familiar with my family, it wasn’t Joe – the other older one. His wife gave birth to a baby girl on the 16th, five and a half weeks early. Both are doing well though the baby has to be on a feeding tube for another month. And, do you know that even at five and a half weeks early, she still weighs more than Nila did when she was born?

Nila is getting a mouthful of teeth these days. Her two front middles are in on both the top and bottoms, and she has another about to pop through on the top. I can only imagine the other three to match will soon follow.

Poor ending to the post, but I’m done…


5 thoughts on “10.21 | What is this shiny new button?

  1. if you want to feel better about Kroger’s prices sometime, come do your shopping in my neighborhood for a few weeks. i have a feeling all will feel better in Ohio after that. Just a hunch.

  2. Well hmmm. I just sent you a picture of said baby. I didn’t know you knew. But of course you would know, because you are his sister. Duh.
    I have found that I do a lot of my shopping at the Dollar Store or Family Dollar. I don’t know if you have them up there, but they save a ton of money on cleaning supplies and paper products and they’ve even starting getting into some food. Major difference in prices from grocery stores. I also found that you can download coupons for just about anything. Last week I saved $15 dollars just from the downloaded coupons.

  3. The website that I was referring to, you enter your zip code and it gives you printable coupons in your area PLUS and I think I saw some in there for baby food at Giant Eagle. The trick to coupon shopping is to make it a challenge, gos shopping on double or triple coupon days. I remember when I used to do that when you kids were little, and it felt good to have a whole bunch of groceries for $18.00. And now you can even download the ones you want, Imagine that!!!! Go to SmartSavers.com There’s really great savings there! Just remember, if it’s a really good deal, you can always store them under the bed!

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