10.14 | Faithful imitation

“Development is the faithful imitation of the developed.” (from my Global Issues textbook)

These days, I’m faithfully imitating a successful website designer and marketing strategist. Ionce told Robert I felt like a fake in this biz because I don’t have all the training I need to do it up right. He replied, (UGH! i hate the insert function – I just accidentally hit it and typed over half my sentence before realizing it). Anyway, he replied, “Angie, do you design websites?” I said, “Yes,” and he said, “Well then, you’re a website designer.” I guess.

I came here to write about something…now what was it? Oh yeah. Bob is having a contest on this blog. The winner takes $50! Check it out.

I wanted to write more, but my battery is dying. Until an undetermined time in the future, keep faithfully imitating…

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